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Ford Racing Mufflers Question

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Hi All,

Anyone know the difference between the Ford Racing -SGT-5230-S and the M-5230-SGT mufflers? Looking at the BUYFORDRACING site, the description on the S mufflers says that they fit both the 2005 - 2009 Mustang GT and the 2007- 2009 SVT, yet the SGT mufflers only list the 2007 - 2009 SVT. I was under the impression that the mufflers could be interchanged between the GT500 and the GT.


Specifcally, I wanted to know if anyone knows if the 5230-SGT will fit on a Shelby GT without modification. Has anyone used either of these on an otherwise stock SGT? If so, is it streetable? I'm looking for a little more bark than the stock mufflers give. I had a set of SLP Loudmouths on for a while, but found they were too loud for my tastes on longer trips. Thanks for the feedback.

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I originally had the 5230-SGT mufflers on my 07GT. I believe that they are the FRPP version of the Borla Stinger. IMHO a very nice sounding muffler, deep but there was a drone between 1600-2000 rpm and I was surprised at how much I drove in that rpm range.


I then switched to the 5230-S or "KR" muffler. I loved that muffler, deep sound with no drone at all. Same tips as those on an 08 Bullitt.


After I had Kooks LTs with a catted H pipe installed the "KR's" were now IMO too loud. I was amazed at how LTs changed the sound.


I ended up with 08 Bullitt mufflers. With the LTs they sound good at WOT and cruise, wish they were a little louder at idle.


Hope this helps. BTW I bought the mufflers from BUYFORDRACING and found them to be great to deal with.

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I went back and forth and back and forth(as so many of us do). However, I chose the 5230-S for my 07SGT. Some days I wish it were louder but these are "just right" for this vehicle.




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