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Insurance for a GTS


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How do you have your GTS insured? Do you have it insured as a Mustang - thus eating the GTS cost if it's stolen or totaled? Or do you have an agreed value policy that covers your total investment?


I have my Cobra insured with an agreed value policy from Hagerty's. They'll do an agreed value policy for the GTS but with severe mileage limits - less than allowed for the Cobra. I'm looking around at other agreed value providers but most seem to have some sort of use and/or mileage limits.

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SGT owners had the same issue, when the insurance company pulled the VIN it showed up as a basic Mustang GT. I worked with my insurance company by providing them pictures of the car and a copy of the Shelby window sticker. They noted the Shelby package in my policy, I pay a few bucks more per year to cover the car. My agent actually told me that if I did additional mods to the car to just provide him copies of the invoices and would adjust my policy to reflect the changes.


Trust me, my original insurance company couldn't understand the concept of the SGT upfitter package. So it took a couple of weeks to find a State Farm agent that did, he's also a car guy, he happens to own a GT500.

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It seems to me that insurance becomes more problematic as the number of mods increase, especially horsepower mods.


I have an American Modern policy but it has mileage limits at 6K per year. The agreed value is 90K.


Since I have all my other cars with Farmers, it was really cheap to include a huge liability policy on my Mustang, in case I break the mileage caps from my other policy.

Farmers is aware of all the mods, yet it did not affect the pricing on the liability policy because I have 3 other cars insured with them and my wife and I can only drive 2 of our 4 cars at any one time.


I would think a basic GTS Mustang package would be much easier to insure than than my heavily modded Shelby.


At first, I thought I would easily go way over on the mileage limitations from American Modern. However, winter is here in Colorado, and I don't drive myy Shelby unless it's over 50 degrees out, with clear roads and no precipitation.


Given the lack of driving my Shelby this winter, my guess is if I bust the mileage caps, it won't be by much, if at all.

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USAA automatically covers 5k in upgrades, but I need to get off my lazy butt and my GTS fully covered.



What options are you considering?


USAA covers all my vehicles except the Cobra. The Mustang is insured with them right now but isn't a viable long term solution after the conversion is finished.

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When I had a fender bender and damaged SGT parts, they replaced them all with no problems. Just have it done at a dealer. I don't pay anymore than any other 2007 Mustang GT owner. Mods would probalby be a different story although I don't worry about that since no one will put performance parts in my car but me.

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