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Sway Bar Relocation Bracket installation


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Very simple mod, the hardest part is pretty much jacking the back end up to get at it.

Put the back end up on jack stands and then remove the rear wheels.

You need to unbolt the swaybar at the rear end, swing it up out of the way and tie it up with something, then trim off the lower parts of the mounts as per the instructions.

I took my time and did it by hand with a hacksaw, and then cleaned the edges up with a hand file.

I painted the newly exposed metal to match the rest of my painted rear end, to keep things looking nice.

Bolt on the new relocation brackets, and then bolt the swaybar to the relocation brackets.

With hand tools in a home garage and painting, allow about 2 hours at a leasurely pace.

I used the BMR brackets to help fit 325/15 drag radials on the car.

In my case I also removed the body mounted bump stops, and installed zombeasts bumpstop relocation brackets.

Plenty of room back there now.


BMR installation instructions are available here:


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