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Giving my 16 yr old some seat time...

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Wx was great this weekend in northern VA... opportunity to get some driving in before winter, and thought I'd share seat time with my son Marcus, since he asked me.




He deserved it. He's got his VA license, doing well in school, drove racing karts for 4 years and he's a licensed NASCAR driver! Got 2 wins in the UCAR class at Old Dominion Speedway this year. You can see him in action on YouTube... search Marcus Lambert, UCAR, ODS.



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Yep, he's a good kid. Was a little uncoordinated with clutch/throttle, but seemed to enjoy himself.

We've shared a lot time at the track racing karts and cars... now we can began sharing my Shelby!



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UCAR stands for "U Can Afford Racing".... meant to be a low-budget, beginner class, but sometimes can be just short of a demo derby or a caution fest depending on what some drivers have in mind.


Only really involved in one major incident this year, but yep he did get the fenders rubbed, but mostly from the others trying to stop him from passing them!


This is my favorite pass for the entire season... decided he didn't want to wait behind these guys anymore!



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