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Fuel Pressure Gauge Readings


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Hi all, I've been enjoying my 2012 SS (750hp) for a few months now, and have noticed that the fuel pressure gauge bounces around a lot at low load and idle (+/- a few psi). I don't have much experience with these returnless fuel systems and am wondering if this is normal pulsing of the fuel pump? Car runs great, so no worries there and I'm just wondering if the gauge is working properly.


My 94 Mustang with Kenne Bell SC is rock steady on fuel pressure, but this is the older style return system with regulator, so I expect it to be that way as the pressure is controlled by a simple diaphragm responding to manifold pressure.


Any way to easily hook up a gauge on the fuel rail? I'm guessing the Autometer sender may be where the test port used to be if there was one, but I see a small brass plug on the side of the fuel rail pressure sensor.


Thanks in advance for any comment.

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