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Drag Wheel & Tire Setup for the 2013


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Anyone come up with a good drag setup for the 2013? Not necessarily need to be drag radials - could be of the bias set up as well - do not need street legal (like the ET QT Pro). Looking for wheel and tire combo specs that will clear the body, brake calipers and provide a similar tire outside diameter for the rear.


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Great thread topic now that there should be someone with some tested set-ups. The F1's just can't handle the less than stellar track prep here in California. My husband has had problems with traction in 2nd gear and even in third when the track is cold. We have not seen anyone with the 2013 GT500 at our tracks yet and my husband called Ford and SVT and they would not tell him what would fit only said that what is on the cars is the recommended set-up, so anyone with any info would be greatly appreciated.




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As you aren't getting much feedback. These are on my 2011, ( & I know your brakes are larger ) www.weldracing.com ( 800 ) 788-9353. Weld has 3 different pad heights to provide brake clearances. Suggest you call them & see if they have something for your 2013. These are Weld RTS series ( black ). The fronts are 17" x 5" ( to clear my brakes ), the rears are 15" x 10" ( these require a rear swaybar relocation kit )( BMR & several other co. make them, under a $ 100 ) This set-up cost $ 2263.00,( tires & wheels ) including the lug nuts. Rear tires not DOT legal.......NewShoes08-29-2012001.jpgNewShoes08-29-2012003.jpg

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