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1991 LX for sale


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Here is an all original 1991 Mustang LX with 30,000 miles in the rare and beautiful YG code Medium Titanium Gray. After selling my Shelby GT500KR on Ebay and my 2012 MCA edition Mustang I purchased this LX 2 months ago and I only put 18 miles on it. DMV says title will be issued before Dec. 6th. Then I came across a 1992 Mustang GT on Ebay and since I had 2 of them growing up I had to have it. This is now my 16th Mustang I have owned. So now I must make room for my new edition. I just recently registered this car in Sept. This car is beautiful inside and out. It does have some minor rock chips and some small buffable scratches here and there but normal and not crazy,and a small chip by the passenger door that needs to be touched up. This car was originally owned by an older couple then it was sold at an estate sale and a dealer picked it up. It has changed hands a couple times before i purchased it. Carfax is clean except for one common problem cars of this era without the 6th digit have. In the middle of its history the inspection station put a 1 where there is none. I was in the process of having the carfax changed. You can plainly see the progression of inspections on the carfax before and after that the miles are correct and that was a mistake. You can also ask any inspection shop. I am a professional Firefighter here in NY and my friend owns an inspection station and he told me this happens all the time. Even the paperwork that comes with the car with all the inspections and the oil changes have the actual miles on it also. All the typical wear spots on any fox body mustang are perfect. The ashtray spring, console clicks shut, the foam covering laying on top of the plenum and the seatbelt cover wear using the seatbelt over and over are perfect which shows the low mileage also. Even the owners manual, tire and warranty info is brand new in its original clear case as you can see. Come see it or drive it. Nice Car.








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