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MT or Nitto?


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Looking for new tires on my modified 08 GT500 Convertible. Currently putting 593 rwhp and 591 lb/tq. Can't get tires to hook up. Goodyear F1 not making it anymore with this new output. 2 questions for anybody who can help me out:


1) how big a tire can I put on the stock wheel that came with the car and (305, 315 etc..)

2) Nitto's or MT? I am not a drag racer, nor will I be going to the track. However, want to be able to ge rid wheel hop and tire spin (will be getting UCA and LCA a little later)


Thanks for all your help

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I just did the Shelby Anti-Wheel Hop Rear Control Arm relocation brackets and got rid of the wheel hop completely.


Much cheaper and just as effective as changing the LCA and UCA. And easier to do...





I also have Nitto Invo's for the street. Hoosier R6's for the track

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hi Jeresygator.....Did u just install the relocat bracket and left the stock lca'??? also what do you think/know about the Shelby aluminum 1 piece D/S with a cost of only $799????? Thxs B



Yes... I kept the stock LCA's. I don't have any experience with Shelby's 1 piece driveshaft. Sorry.

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We've had a great response from customers with our 1 piece D/S.

Lose some rotating weight and increase strength in an easy bolt-on.

The quality has shown to be top-notch.




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My 07 is making 625 to the wheels. My stock tires are totally worthless. If I keep my OEM wheels and not go to a 20" set up I'll probably turn to Nitto's all the way around in OEM size. Nitto makes a 285/40-18 555R as well as an NT05R. Nitto also makes a standard 555 extreme in 255/45-18. I'd be careful about running a tire too big for your stock wheels. One, the recommended width my not be suitable, and two, too much sidewall can kill the appearance. A 305/45 is almost 2" taller than your stock OEM tires and a 315/40 is a full inch taller than your stock OEM tire.



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