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CF Radiator Cover


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Looking to replace my stock OEM radiator cover with a CF or hydro carbon one. Anybody do this and have a particular vendor for whom they were happy? SPP doesn't carry one for a 2012. Thanks everybody for your help.



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post-20396-0-98512800-1353209740_thumb.jpga hydrocarbon cover will run around $200 and can be done in many differnt colors .


if you want it to look like real CF i would go with the real deal . if you want more bling and pop go with something like the picture show





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I gotta go with the real thing after looking at redtail's engine bay and what 05Mustang says about trufiber. 05Mustang, were all the necessary holes pre-drilled for you? I'm concerned about the ones for the hood posts. Thanks.

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