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Driving my 64 1/2 BEFORE the winter arrives...

Wayne in NJ

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...had a good 'excuse': had to drive about an hour, (from home, 35 minutes from where the car is stored), to get a quart of Wimbledon White mixed for the resto shop to perform some touch up work. (The paint guy wanted to see the car to make sure the mix is as close as possible).


Took a short little while to get her started, (been sitting about a month), but once she kicked in, she was fine the rest of the day!


'Floating' down the road on those bias ply tires is always a treat! ;^)


It's the epitome of the 'Secretary's Car' (Hey, I LIKE secretaries), White ext/red interior coupe. 170 CI 6, auto. Restored to 'as-delivered' condition, 30 years and three owners ago!


Featured in January '97 Mustang Monthly, won two concourse driven gold, and AACA National First place in '91.


I've tried to post photos, but am failing miserably! (Will attempt again) DIDN'T WORK...AGAIN...

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My daughter is driving her '64 1/2 before bad weather sets in too, except she lives in Cali and it is never bad weather :happy feet:


I have that same problem, too! I live in Cali and never have bad weather either. By the way, I need to go and drive my car now and all day before I have to park it for the night; have to go to bed some time (he,he)
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Absolutely beautiful! Maybe because I grew up with an anemic straight six, automatic Mustang - but I really like them. I recognize the need for a performance aspect but really like the simplicity of the six. Works great for teaching my 13 year old about working on engines.


Wayne - love it! Looks great!


BTW - I drove mine this weekend and "mixed in" the Sta-Bil beofre putting them to bed.

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