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In annapolis,md Sgt spotted

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are you in Annapolis? I'm around the corner from the Rockfish.



Sorry left this morning !! I didn't even think of posting my location till my eyes caught a 2007 shelby gt. I will be going back what a really nice place and people and the food was incredible. But as some you guys know being a retired cop with anger issues (medicated) it was so nice to be around nice people. Plus a lot of mustangs like a Boss lime green and this guy cruising in a porsche cayman R very nice. I actually cruised around once and it seems my exhaust was a little loud for some people. As far as the ladys a lot of pretty naval officers and civilians it would be a great place to cruise to in a pack of Shelbys. The funny was the hotel we stayed in their parking lot was enclosed so I had the guy park my car. Since the lot was filled with very expensive cars and I was not dealing with any parking incidents. But I was hanging in the bar when the valet started my car and some people got startled. But they were sharp drinkers noticing my Shelby gt shirt !! LOL

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