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2013 GTS


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Mine was about 60 days, I think. It got in fairly quick compared to others. I am nothing but happy with the final result and the service recieved from Shelby. My only wish is that I would have asked for more digital pics during the build process from the sales guys. I left a couple disposable cameras in the car for the tech to take pics during the build process but they came out horrible with the crappy quality of the disposable camera... it is a little rough having the car gone for that time, especially if it is your daily driver like mine, but my wife took me to and from work. Every day I got pics or updates from SAI was like getting o open a Christmas present early.


If you're on the fence, go for it. You won't regret it!

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Mine took ~120 days. There were lots of issues with the initial projections verbally given to me ... and then what really happened after I put my money down and then put into writing. My build was to be roughly 45-60 days with 19" GT4 rims ... which didn't happen. I bought the car for my wife's return from Afghanistan and she made it home before the car did. It was very, very disappointing. After the initial shock of sales versus reality in the build process, I have to say that I am completely happy with the car but the sales department left a bad taste. I would recommend getting everything you want on the car done at the time the car is at Shelby. It's much more costly at SAI but it will be completed when you get the car.


I've added an aluminum DS, 3.73 gears, Bama tune, and A pillar gauges. I would strongly recommend the gears and tune if you get nothing else done to the car. The V6 is a completely different car with the gears and tune. I cannot give you empirical data since there are no race tracks here but my "seat of the pants" meter is telling me that my car is much more awesome than it was with the 2.73s and stock tune. But of course that really didn't need to be said.

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