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Wts price seem right?


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I have a 2008 KR black on black. 4k miles, shelby dual fan HE, vmp tvs and pulley, lower 10% pulley, one piece drive shaft from super snake, lm 67mm tb and a set of dynatech long tubes. Car had first clutch tsb in 2009 and just came from shop for latest version of the clutch tsb and has about 5 miles on it. Want to sell it for 65k. Looks as new as a black car with 4k miles can look. Splitter was fixed so not sure what that does to value. Car made 720whp on 91 pump gas. Also have a set of the 20 Alcoa rims and tires that could be added to the deal but may just keep them.


Just picked up a 2013 boss 302LS in SBY and added the roush tvs, vmp pulley, jlt big intake and vmp tune and made 650whp on 91 pump. Think with some tune work should see more. Also added the zex wet kit completely stealth bottle, nozzle, trigger etc but am yet to tune and dyno that set up. Was hoping to have the boss be the faster of the two cars but have some doubts. So listed boss for 65k with its 280 miles and think KR is worth 65k as it sits. Give me some feed back guys and let me know what you think. Was looking at a 2013 gtr and dealer is saying 100k for both cars which seems low to me but maybe I'm wrong. Titles in hand so I'm ready to move.



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Absolutely worth it IMHO. Can you get that? Not very quick, IMHO. If I had the free money I would love to take that Boss. You have the exact car I would want and set it up for me. I just dont have the free cash.


The 100K offer seems right on the money for the work they will have cut out for them on the resale.

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