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Black W/ White Stripes Has Arrived at Dealer

Squirrel 007

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Well it finally arrived at my dealer. On a rainy day of all days. Been waiting almost 4 months now. Dealer put it inside immediately. My salesman said he will laminate every piece of paper he can find in the car for me from the window sticker to the smallest scrap of paper. Thery are going to check the brake fluid in the resevoir to make sure it is not over-filled. They will put on the scoops and louvers and the air splitter. If the weather turns nice for Monday or Tuesday it will be delivered to my house. Then my brother will come over and put the battery tender on, put Stabil in it and take pictures and send them to me. Now I just have to hang in until March of 2014. :party:

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Great news.

I don't know if it is still an issue, but you should have them check for the label on the drive shaft that seems to come loose and causes unwanted noise.

Have your dealer print out the complete Vehicle Visibility Report, from order date to delivery date. It is a great piece of historical documentation. The report is only available for a couple of days after delivery, so ask for it now.


Driveshaft Label Problem.



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