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Injector Question


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Hey Guys,


With my current set up i am doing fine for fuel but wanted to add some headers and O/R X-Pipe, would that also mean i need 72lb injectors because of the increased boost and fuel requirements? I have a KB Boost-A-Pump which many KB owners are told they can run the car well over 700rwhp without any other upgrades to the fuel system. I would love to have them but didnt want to waste the money if after adding headers i was still well in the green zone. The addition of the exhaust will be my last power upgrade for a very long time.


My current set up is:

2.3L VMP TVS w/ High Flow elbow 2.6 or 2.4 pulleys

65mm CJ Throttle Body

123mm JLT CAI

KB Boost-A-Pump 17.5v

NGK TR6 plugs @ .035


Any experience or knowledge you could share would be most helpful.

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