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Royal Purple or Motorcraft 5W20 Synthetic Oil in my 07SGT1341?

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The Motorcraft 5w20 is a semi-synthetic blend last I checked earlier in the summer - it was not available in a full synthetic. Royal Purple is supposed to be a full synthetic, but they won't give out any information on their additive package, so it's impossible to compare their product to some of the other full synthetics that divulge significantly more information regarding their oils. That doesn't fly with me, so I won't use Royal Purple.


I wanted a true full synthetic at the 5w20 weight because it is such a "lightweight" oil, so I narrowed my choices down to Redline and Amsoil. I chose the Amsoil because I can get it a little cheaper and it is made up of Group 4 & 5 synthetic base stock, plus a popular oil discussion forum has many examples of owner's oil analyses posted up for review that show it is a quality oil. Same goes for the Redline oils. Not as much info available on the Royal Purple.


If you want what I determined to be the best protection in a 5w20, then I'd recommend either Amsoil or Redline. When Royal Purple decides to give us more useful information than "just trust us, it's good oil" along with all their marketing hype, then maybe I'll reconsider.


I've been a bit of an oil snob for the last decade plus, and have had to re-educate myself a few times because of all the changes that have gone on in that time frame, including what can now be called "full synthetic" even though they aren't by previous standards. Safest bet if wanting a true full synthetic is to go with minimum Group 4 base stock oils, as opposed to the severely hydro-cracked Base 3 stocks that start out as "dyno" oil but can be called "full synthetic"

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