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Exhaust matching


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Hey Guys,


I am about to purchase a set of Dynatech Longtube headers and a 3 inch catless H-Pipe. I am wondering how i can make the 3 inch H-Pipe mate up to my 2.75 inch exhaust. I know there is always the option to buy a full exhaust that is 3 inches but i would like to honestly stay with the stock mufflers to keep it somewhat quite. I want to avoid cutting/welding either pipe unless i have to. Since i havent really had experience with matching exhausts to different sizes my question is, Are there ways to make these match up without cutting/welding them? Like an adapter that i could install? I have seen adapters that are close but either they are slightly off or made from mild steel. I would need something like a 3 inch I.D. to a 2.75 O.D. to make it work, and of course another set of clamps. Any products or suggestions you guys could help me with would be greatly appreciated.

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