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GT-H/SC side stripes

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Today I contacted Wendy at SA to order my GT-H/SC stripes since I did not put them on in 2009 when the car was SC'd. Interesting how you have to jump through hoops. Not saying it is bad becouse of the control just found it interesting. You have to contact Ford Warranty and provide pictures of existing stripes, invoice of SC install or SC certification, Vin # etc. Then you get an authrorization email that is emailed to both the requester and Wendy. Trying to protect the customer and the brand.

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Could you have ordered the stripes but not installed them when you did the supercharger?



Yes, could have while the SC was being installed. At the time I thought I would just leave the side stripes as is. Oh well, should have known better. Once I validate it should be no issue. I just thought that maybe Wendy could have looked at SA records verses me having to call back to Michigan at Ford Warranty for the authorization to receive them. I would have thought SA has records. Again its all about control and protecting so I do not mind.

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