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Ride Height for lowered cars?

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Does anyone know what the correct ride height is on the 40th cars? I have mounted the new wheels and tires and am in the process of having the ride height reset (.The new wheels and tires that I had made for the car are different than the original sizes) I am looking for the distance from the ground to the lip of the wheel wells for both front and rear of the car. If anyones knows this measurement or could take the time to measure theirs, I would appreciate it.


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This is with the Razors and Pirelli tires that are on the 40th package. . .


Front 27-7/8"

Rear 28-1/8"


Would be curious where others measure. To my knowledge, my car is still set-up exactly how it left SAI


Any pics with the new wheels and tires?

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Thanks for the reply. I will check my measurements later. I think that they set the front too low. I know that they said they would need to go a little higher in the rear since I am now running 10" rims with 295's so that I wouldn't have any issues with tire rub.

I tried to post some pics yesterday but I didn't have any luck. I will have one of my "kids" help me try and post them. They are a lot more knowledgable about computers than I am!

Thanks again for the measurements!

Your car looks great by the way.

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They ended up setting mine at 26 1/2" in the front and 28 1/2" in the rear. The front end looks good sitting so low, but it rubs on everything so I am going to have to have it reset. Plus from the side I think it has too much rake to it. Thanks again for the replies. I will try to get pics posted soon!

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