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Germany: 3rd Annual Shelby Mustang Meeting

Brad Barnett

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I also posted on the TS forum page. These are photos the German Shelby meeting which is the equivalent of our "Bash". Several of the cars ( the drab green one and the brown one with silver stripes) were covered in what they called "foil". I guess it came in big sheets and you put it over your car. I havent seen anything like it here yet. They met at their mustang dealer for a brunch and then to an All American car show and back to the walled city of Rothenburg in the towns Market Square. It was great and all the people there were shocked when all 63 Shelbys came driving down the cobble stone streets. The word had gotten out and there were people who came up to my wife (wearing her GT500 jacket) and asked if this is where the mustangs were going to be. I was on the Autobahn in an 07 500 going 143mph with the group to get to Rothenburg. Anyway this is only the 2nd photo show I have put together so I hope you enjoy it. They had the whole room in red, white and blue with American flags, etc. for their banquet so I used the July 4th theme. They even hired models,the "Shelby" girls, to hand out packets and awards on the night of the banquet. I think you will figure out which ones they were!! Great bunch of people and real Shelby nuts!! The music is Big Guitars and Fast Cars, Drive to Survive and Crazy Johnny. I hope you enjoy it. Brad





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