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Germany: 3rd Annual Shelby Mustang Meeting

Brad Barnett

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I just to back a few weeks ago from a vacation in Germany and went to their version of the "Bash". I believe there were 63 Shelbys. I had a great time and they were all really nice. You will note in some of the pics different hood locks (flat black ones) that were supposed to be better than the hood pins for driving on the Autobahn. Also the headlight washer in the bumper (German law with HID headlights). There is also several pics of two Shelbys that were covered in what they called "foil". One is the drab green one and the other is the brown one with the silver stripes. Looks like it comes in big sheets to cover the car. I have never seen anything like it before. We went to their "gala" and the whole room was covered with red, white and blue on the tables, small American flags, etc. I thought I was at a July 4th party. The days events ended at historic Rothenburg ( a walled city from 1200?) in the towns Market Square with a welcome address by one of the city officials. Anyway it was nice to see that Shelby cars can be their own show wherever they go even in Germany. Some of the photos show the cars in the early morning after it had rained most of the night and not one car cover!! Hope you enjoy it, Brad





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Awesome pix Brad...did you walk the wall around the city? How about the torture museum there...very interesting history in there.


Love that place....down in the valley there is a small hamlet that dates back to the 900's


Yes walked a lot of the wall. I know the hamlet you are talking about looks like a great place to live. Of course having been in law enforcement I really liked the criminal history museum, and criminals think they have it tough today!!haha. I would recommend Rothenburg to anyone visiting in that area of Germany. Thanks for the comments. Brad

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Great show. Your getting good. I like the foil look. Looks like all GT 500s. No SGTs from what I could see.


Thanks for sharing.


No there weren't any SGT's there and I was surprised that there wasn't. Just go for the high horspower I guess.

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Brad gave me the permission to post the link of our forum with louds of pix of the meeting! (Thanks Brad :wub2: ) Btw: Can anybody tell me the right terminology? I'll never know whether it's called "Shelby meeting" or Shelby gathering"?!


Link with pictures: http://shelbyforum.de/discussion/1800/fotos-eindruecke-stimmen-zum-3.-shelby-treffen-2012/p1


Link with videos: http://shelbyforum.de/discussion/1805/videos-3.-shelby-gt500-treffen-2012/p1




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