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"K OTIC"...(Matts Golden goose)..the GTK-950R

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Hi guys,



First time posting but I thought I would share our builds were doing at the moment


this one is Kind of special. Its a 65 K code GT fastback that were just going to town on. (its a sponsored build so its game on)


For the purists...this car has not been cut up and butchered. Its been built with respect and a lot of love



I contacted Cris Cross to get the rendering done to start the process




If you need some good artwork done on your car, here is his details. Great guy and an amazing artist (cheap too)




website. www.drawmyride.net email . drawmyride ( @ ) hotmail.com



We had tested the engine in a foxbody to get some numbers from the dyno and have a little fun. Punched out 772Hp @ 10psi @ the wheels....hence the name of the car..The SHELBY GTK 950R. (AKA "K OTIC")





Its a 351 Windsor stroked to 412 running EFI and two giant George Jetsons. Will go into details when I have time. Backed by a built C4 with a 3500 stall.


Squeezing this motor into a 65 has been done a million times but from what Ive read and asked on many US forums, no one has ever twin turbo'd this combination without having to cut the shock towers out...I keep getting back from other users that its "physically impossible"...I took that as a challenge and challenge accepted.


Managed to squeeze the engine in and dropped it down 1/2 inch with some custom engine mounts giving me enough clearance for the Edelbrock inlet and the hood to shut nice and snug



width=700 height=525http://i1044.photobucket.com/albums/b447/Sheri2go/KOTIC/DSCN8329.jpg[/img]


width=700 height=525http://i1044.photobucket.com/albums/b447/Sheri2go/KOTIC/DSCN8327.jpg[/img]


width=700 height=525http://i1044.photobucket.com/albums/b447/Sheri2go/KOTIC/DSCN8333.jpg[/img]

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Most of these pics were takin a month ago and I havent had much time to work on it as Im trying to finish of a blue boss that I wanted done weeks ago but I have a dead line that I have to meet so its balls to the wall now pullin 7 days a week untill its finished and keep the show rollin


Here are a few pics that Ive loaded to photobucket but theres about a 1000 of the full build on facebook...Jump on and like the page if you want to follow the build



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