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DYNO Wars Shootout Heads to Las Vegas


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MM & FF is proud to announce Dyno Wars 4 presented by AmericanMuscle, to be held at Shelby American in Las Vegas on 26 October, days before the popular SEMA show. This event is open to anyone, so here's your chance to get involved in an MM & FF shootout!


Dyno Wars 1, 2 and 3 uncovered some of the most powerful street legal Mustangs in the country, and we're expecting our stop in Vegas at the famed Shelby facility to bring out the baddest Stangs on the West Coast.


We're excited to take part in the final Dyno Wars event of the year at Shelby American in Las Vegas, Nevada," said Chris Rose of American Muscle. "I know the turnout will be great, and the cars will be making huge power on the same dyno used to test Shelbys."


"We will be offering a tour of our facility for participants and special guests and we'll have a display of cars available during the event," said Gary Patterson of Shelby American.


The first challenge was held at MM & FF headquarters in Pennsylvania, and the third was recently held at Walsh Motorsports near Detroit. So far, we've seen the turbo Terminator Cobras, blow Coyotes, turbo Fox-bodies, and much more.


Competitors will be given a 30-minute window to make as many pulls and as much power as possible in that time, the dyno is yours.


The Rules

• Cars must be street legal, registered and insured (no temp or dealer tags)

• All cars must be subject to a visual safety inspection

• Cars must have full exhaust with tailpipes (for dyno exhaust system)

• Cars must have a driveshaft safety loop

• Tires must be ZR rated or competition tires

• Any combination of power adders are allowed. Dyno Wars is open to anyone! If interested in participating, send submissions or inquiries to marc.christ@sorc.com. Please include your name, address, list of mods and combination, and a few low-res pictures (an overall shot of the car, engine bay, and interior). Deadline for applications is 14 September 2012. Contestants will be chosen by the MM & FF staff, and competitors will be contacted with more detailed info.

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