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Clutch & Shifter


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I have a 2008 GT500 and the clutch is tempermental and unforgiving. I then purchased a 2010, and it was a pure delight. The travel was even and smooth, the engagement predictable. I now have the 2013. I have to apologize to the 2008, lol. This clutch is unfriendly to say the least, and as mentioned above, engagement is just about as you are done lifting your foot.


I miss the 2010. Until the 2013 is fully engaged. Wow.


I do have a noise in the linkage during the power band. Sounds like a tappet noise, but it is definately in the clutch/linkage. Anyone else?

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I had the same problem with the 2008 clutch even after the TSB repairing the transmission and replacing the clutch. The clutch went out in the winter of 2010 (December after only 19,000 miles following the TSB work) and Ford replaced the entire 2008 with the MY 2010 parts per another TSB that ultimately made it like the 2010 you describe. I almost put my foot through the floor the first time I drove it following the work because of the effort difference between muscling the 2008 and how easy the 2010 was.

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