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Another Free Clutch Opportunity


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I posted a reply to my original thread on this - but it looks like ACT is looking for another GT-500. This time a 2010-11 car. They MAY be looking for a Mustang GT also, but I am not sure what year yet. My understanding is that this is a free deal. They would need the car for up to a week, They are located in Lancaster, Ca. From what I understand you can drop the car off there, or they can trailer it. You would need to speak to Chris for details/specifics. He says that including installation, this is about a $2000 freebie.


If you are interested, or know someone who is, please contact Chris at cbernal@advancedclutch.com.


They did this for another Team Shelby member a couple of months ago (earlier model). Again, sounds like a great deal - hopefully someone from here can take advantage of it.


Take Care



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