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Shelby Fays2 Watts Link Installed.


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I just finished up my Shelby Fays2 Watts Link, What a pain in the ass! It took me 5 hours. Glad I have patience.


I went ahead and did it before the lowering springs as Jim Fay said it would be okay. It was a bitch to do on the SVTPP with the vented axle cover. Most adjustments have to be done before you bolt it up. The instructions that came with the kit were useless. In the manual it says to put on the bar then add the prop and arms, NOT going to happen! This thing needs to be installed twice. First time to get it all positioned and then pull the bar, prop and arms back out to get the rods measured to the same length. Then reinstall it with all the stuff tightened on the prop as the prop main bolt, prop top and bottom heim joint bolts, and the top prop driver side jam nut can not be tightened once the bar is mounted to the car. It was a bitch and a half.


It makes noise. Not much but enough to annoy most. It has no squeak, just a slight knock over bumps. I made sure everything was greased up where it needed to be. It does handle better and rides alittle better. I'm not quite sure it's worth the $650 yet. I have only put 20 miles on it, so that's definitely not enough. The ass end is more stable through corners and it has almost no body roll now. Just don't like extra noise.


Normally in second with the tires warm around a corner it will slide at about 25-30 mph under half throttle. Now at 35-40mph with half throttle it doesn't budge around a corner. Almost feels like my lowered evo x over dips and bumps. It is definitely better around a corner than the factory pan hard.


I actually just took it all off again to put it on the bottom hole of the bar and it handled even better. To adjust it the entire thing has to be taken out and reinstalled. Again I have a lot of patience so that helped.


I'll keep every one up to date as I put miles on her. Here are pics before I lowered it to the bottom hole.



















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Well took it all off and found that one of the two machine washers was a little bigger and it was binding with the snap ring causing the bolt not to completely tighten, even though I had 100 pounds on it. What I found it would do is pivot back and forth with the prop and come slightly loose causing the popping noise after a couple bumps of loosening it up.


I'm happy to say after spending 14 hours total on her she is well worth the investment. Just go into in knowing the instructions are not for our cars and will not work at all. If anyone need pointers before installing the shelby Watts link PM me and I will help you over the phone as I'm sure I'm the only on these forums with a 2013 GT500 that has this installed. beerchug.gif

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