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2013 Headlights


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Do we know if these are compatible with the 10'-12' Shelbys and whether or not the wiring is plug and play or if it needs adjustments? This would be going from HID to HID, not halogens.



I'm not sure about the headlights but I know the tail light assemblies are a direct retrofit, which leads me to believe the front are too.


A TS member has already done a complete front and rear end change. Upper & lower open grilles, splitter, rear facia, tail lamps, etc.


Search for the screen name "Amigo" (or Amigo500?) and he can probably tell you more.




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I believe AmigoGT500 looked into these as Phill mentioned - I can't recall where though. They are not a "plug and play" option. The connections are completely different...so you would be looking at a major expense...and major reworking of the wiring.



Yep, the LED's turn off when the turn signals are activated so there is definately more than just the harness that is different.

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thanks amigo!



This is going to be my next project. Ford just released a pig tail haness which is connected to the pin connector to the housing (see picture above). So I am waiting the diagrams to see how the 16 wires of the pig tail will be connected o the stock harness....I will keep you posted...PM your email address.



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URL is dead ... :-(


That link stinks!

It's infected!



Sorry guys, it was a working link with no threat when I ordered the bulbs last year. I just removed the link and cant find a safe one to buy them, but here is the video link of how they look and work:


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