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Shelby GT500 Aluminum 7 Quart Race Baffled Oil Pan


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Shelby GT500 Aluminum 7 Quart Race Baffled Oil Pan






When on the track or attacking the curves of your favorite twisty road, the oil in your stock oil pan can slosh around and possibly leave the pickup tube allowing for air to enter the oiling system. This aluminum, race baffled oil pan from Shelby American will help prevent that from happening. Our oil pan has four trap doors allowing oil to move toward the pickup tube, but closes during hard corning and braking to keep the tube submerged in oil the entire time. The pan was designed to fit on the 5.4L GT500 engine without clearance issues and has a capacity of 7 quarts of oil.



Installation of this oil pan requires dropping the k-member which should be performed by a qualified technician.



2007-2012 Shelby GT500


New Product Release:

13 Aug 2012



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Why (How) is it that the steel oil pan http://www.shelbysto...s5se-6675-a.htm would fit only the 07-09 / 5.4L GT500

And that aluminium one fits all 07-12 / 5.4L GT500 ?




I've got the steel 8-qt pan on my 2010 with NO fitment issues. It was a *little* hard getting it on past the pick-up tube. I had to remove the bolt on the tube brace, move the pick-up aside a TAD, lift the pan up over it then replace the bolt. But other than that, no problem with fitment.


I think the '13 has a cast aluminum pan now, doesn't it? So I'm thinkin' you'd be trading down to a steel pan like what I have.


BUT, I have 8-qt capacity so why would someone want to pay twice as much for less capacity, but made out of aluminum???




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Yes the steel one is advertised for all cast iron block GT500, my bad.

So it includes the 2010.

Yes the 2013 has an aluminium pan but I doubt it has baffles.

It's a track product in the same range of their track pack suspension kit.

Still, if there is a difference between the cast iron 5.4 and the aluminium 5.4 block, how is it possible this new aluminium pan fits both?

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It may have nothing to do with the engine. Might just be related to fitment in the chassis. I don't know if they made any changes in '11 that might affect it though. Did EPAS debut in the '10 or '11?

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