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Swapping out stock seats for recaro?

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I've been looking for a race red convertible for awhile now and a local dealer here just got one in that has everything I want but the Recaro seats. Anyone know if a delaer would be willing to able to swap out the stock seats for the Recaro option? obviosuly I would have to pay the additional cost of the Recaro option but I was just curious if anyone had stumbled across this situation before.

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Probably cheaper to go to Recaro or a dealer and buy the seats separately. I did that years ago with a 1995 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC. I had a small piece of the leather I cut from underneath the seat and sent it to them and they matched it up perfectly to the rear seats and interior of the car. Then I found a fabricator who took my old stock power seats and mounted Recaro's on the base of them. They were great . This was around 1997 and the two front seats then cost me $1500 and another $100 or so to have the mounted on my old bases. Probably have to double of even triple those prices now days (LOL). Below is an old link on cardomain with pictures:



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Of course it can be done. ANYTHING can - it's just a matter of how much you're willing to spend.


In MY case, having had a 2011 Coupe with +/- 5,000 miles at the time and winding up laid-up for 3 days with a bad back each time I'd hit the track, the best value proposition for me was to simply trade forward to an identically 2012 with Recaros.


You can buy the seats as a Ford Racing Performance Part upgrade. But be aware - the come ONLY covered in cloth. You can then buy the leather skins from the parts desk or, if you're VERY lucky, from SPP as one of the interior kits that was pulled during a SuperSnake conversion. It's certainly MUCH cheaper that way. Though you can't guarantee their condition, and nobody can predict fart residue, most with enough gumption and resources to SuperSnake their 2012 GT500 probably keeps things pretty tidy.


Just be aware that you'll give-up power seats (if that matters to you). If you go with all-new parts, you're looking at $3,500 or so. As I wrote, depending upon how much tire you've burned through and where you are in terms needing everything from an oil change to brakes, trading forward can actually be a FAR better a value if you can bear the additional up-front cost.


The only downside for me was not being able to install many of the upgrades I'd bought once I decided to go with a '12. Then again, I had to hold-off AGAIN until my '13 arrived. The net cost I paid to trade forward from 2011 to 2012 was about $7K. Deducting the parts cost of the seats, tires and consumables I burned through, the net cost to me in cash was about $1,500 - a no-brainer to reset the odometer to zero and move forward a model year. In fact, the cost of going from 11 to 12 and then 12 to 13 has been no more than for a reasonably-priced lease.


Whether or not you like the Recaros will be entirely up to personal preference. It operates much like a barber chair (ALL manual), but I find them to be exceptionally comfortable and supportive without being intrusive. Especially if you plan to add a 5/6-point harness, it can make the entire difference between controlling the car on a track and feeling like you're trying to hang-on to a bucking bronco, which is worth its weight in gold - at least to me.


A final option would be to simply place a "WTB" or "WTT" advertisement in the marketplace sections of as many Mustang/Shelby/Performance Auto 'net forums as you can find. And don't forget Craigslist. Certainly, if you found yourself needing to compromise by taking a car without Recaro seats to get one, you're not the only one. There must ALSO be a great many who accepted a car WITH Recaros who'd prefer conventional powered seats. A 1-for-1 swap with somebody whose interior has the same contrast stripe color would be the easiest and cheapest solution by far.

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I've seen one set of GT500 Recaros sell on ebay for about 4k. So getting the FRPP seats then the Shelby upgrade kit is in line with that. The plus is Shelby gives a warranty on the upgrade kit and sets up the installation for you. You can also customize the kit to your liking. And you will not lose the power seat function, all you have to do is swap the seat track. That's been done already by some members. They will bolt on to the '07-'12. Seems no one who has bought a GT500 with the Recaros is swapping the seats then selling them, so finding them used is not easy.

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