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Shelby Wilwoods


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Anybody giving any thought to the new Shelby Wilwood brakes?


With the new 6-piston Brembos on the '13s, it's one hell of a shame to go swapping-out the OE front brakes just to be brand-consistent on all 4 corners. But the Wilwoods are one hell of a lot less expensive than the Baer Extreme's.


I DO like how Wilwood uses the same caliper body on front and rear for both the 6 and 4 piston brakes to keep them looking consistent. But with a price delta of only 100 bucks between them, I'd feel one hell of a lot better about upgrading to them if they just provided 6 pistons all around.


Are these more or less the equivalents of the Shelby Plus in terms of stopping power an overall quality? Are they more on-par with the Baer Plus or Extreme sets?

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