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SILVER VMP TVS is ready to ship!!


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The New Silver VMP TVS is ready to ship!! Everything comes with it; 2.3L VMP-spec TVS, milled snout with our 2.5" pulley (2.4" available and requires fuel mods) and the VMP Big Elbow!



I'm sure you all heard that the Ford piece had a price increase to $2420 at Tousley. Plus the elbow. And a smaller (than the stock 2.71") pulley. And a tune. You're well over 3 bills now.


If you're already running our tunes, we'll upgrade you to our TVS tune for FREE. Ours comes with the 2.5" stock. And even an elbow! :)


And let's just say that if you're one of the first 5 customers, you'll be VERY pleasantly surprised. Plus, while Ford's pricing in INCREASING on the '13 TVS, we're bringing you the new SILVER VMP TVS at a value price compared to our current black ones. Yep...you can actually pay LESS for what you really want!


Call me or email me for details.


(312) 399-4221


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