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Shifter boot full of holes from square block of Shelby/Drake shifter


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Just noticed tonight when I pulled the shifter boot up for cleaning that several holes have appeared on the drivers side towards the bottom of the boot that seem to be caused by the rectangular block on the Shelby shifter that the lever bolts to.


This was the 'New and improved" Shelby / Drake shifter that I've had nothing but problems with since I installed it and now I have to replace the boot as well.


BTW...yes...before anyone jumps all over this as some on occasion do........I was advised last year I could have returned this shifter but I would have lost $400.00 + in freight and installation costs so I decided to keep it and see if it improved over time.


Well...I still hate the shifter, it's getting worse not better and now this.......I guess this is a $1,000.00 mistake I won't make again.


I hear Ford put a lot of work and inprovements into the 2013 shifter...maybe I'll look in that direction...


Does anyone have any first hand experience with the 2013 GT500 shifter ?

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If I were having that much trouble, I'd put the Drake on ebay and put the stock shifter back in. Take your losses and move on.


So, all in, you paid $1,000 for your shifter and installation? Holy crap!



That's probably what I'm going to do but I'm waiting for feedback on the stock 2013 shifter as it is supposed to be a huge improvement over previous versions or I'll opt for the MGW if the factory one turns out not to be as advertised.


Not quite $1k but close enough.....with the shifter price, freight, brokerage, exchange rate at the time and 13% Ontario sales tax the shifter at my door was close to $600.00 and the install was $300 & change and they had a hell of a time with the install so I couldn't say much because I was there the whole time.

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3 letters MGW. I was going with the Drake one, until I ran into someone who had it. I have my MGW ordered, be here on Tues. I made my mind up when I felt one in a bud's Boss. Dam nice shifter, plus all the extra you get with it is a win win.

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