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2010-2013 Shelby GT500 Super Snake Carbon Fiber Front Splitter

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2010-2013 Shelby GT500 Super Snake Carbon Fiber Front Splitter





The mighty GT500 Super Snake has the most menacing looks in the business. Those looks are helped by the carbon fiber front splitter that is applied to every Super Snake built. Now you can add that same menacing style and weight savings as the Super Snake has to your Shelby in your garage. These splitters are made from hand laid carbon fiber and covered with a gel coat for long lasting great looks. The mounting holes are already pre-drilled for easy bolt on installation.



2010-2013 Shelby GT500


New Product Release

1 August 2012



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Wait these says gel coat. Does that mean you don't use an automative grade clear coat? I hear gel coat only will fade within a few years from the sun.



Every boat I've ever owned had a gel-coat finish and not one of them faded or yellowed. I've seen it wear through so the metal flake under it was exposed (From climbing in/out of the boat) but never faded or yellowed.


I *have* seen many clear coats fade, yellow and/or flake.




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Can someone from SPP let me know about this part? I called and the guy I talked too wasn't sure but is this really a gel coat or clear coat and gel coat was a typo? Someone at SPP told me its clear coat. Which is it? Because if its gel coat won't it fade after a couple years frrom sun light?

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I got it the other day. The carbon fiber quality is the best I have ever seen in the after market. It is basically OEM quality. The clear coat is top notch its not a gel coat. And yes its a bigger splitter. The splitter ends and front are more exaggerated. It looks much better. Still haven't gotten it on the car yet. I have to clear bra it first.

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Love to see some pics once you have it on. Looked bigger in the photo's but wasn't sure if it was just the camera angle. Might be really interested in this part. :rockon:



It definitely is bigger. The fins and front come out more. Also its lower than the stock splitter. But just slightly. Its inbetween the original 12 splitter and the 13 splitter with the additional air dam if that helps at all. I will probably have it on by the end of next week. I'll take pictures of it and post it. But as far as carbon fiber I am probably the most OCD person in the world and I literally couldn't find one flaw with this piece. I've had other aftermarket ones that I immediately sent back once I saw them in person because they had so much crap wrong with them, and hearing excuses from the makers saying "its impossible to get it perfect". Thats just bs excuses. This looks like an OEM piece. Plus its the only carbon fiber piece on the market right now that is 100% complete carbon fiber no fiberglass at all.

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