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Installed my Nitto NT555R 305/40/18 and having issues

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After having these installed today at my tire shop on the way home the saying "low brake fluid light" came across the display along with my brake light and traction control light. I spoke with my mustang buddy and he said to look under the car on the backside of the side wall and see if there are any rub marks? There were and he said it was from the ABS lines rubbing on the tire? He said I need to install new wheel sensors? Is anyone else out there running 305's with this issue? Is that how you solved the problem?




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I like things that can be fixed with a hammer but what was it that you were beating on. I've read comments about the flange that the bump stops hit being removed to prevent rubbing. It this the piece you had to modify?


Now that you've had these tires for awhile, are you happy with them?


Thank You

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