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Turn1 CS6 on Ebay


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Hey guys. The CS6 for sale is mine. It is 06-00005 I have plenty more pics available if you would like to see them. The car was Built By Tampa Bay Shelby Back in 06. I ordered the Turn one package through Shelby American back in May of 06 durring the great back Order fiasco. The parts were drop shipped to Tampa Bay Shelby an authorized Shelby Mod Shop back then. This car was the first civilian owned CS6 Turn 1. The first one was of course the prototype with the Cobra emblem in the door stripe. The second one was a Black CS6 also owned by Shelby American, third car was Jason Cenoras from Hilbank Motorsports. The fourth Also a Hilbank Motorsports owned car but I believe that was a CS8 not 100%. Then Mine was produced. I wish I still had the Email from Tampa Bay Shelby where Amy Boylan informed Steve that I would wear CSM 06-00005 once the dash plates would be released. The dash plates became a bit of controversy for some time. Almost a year went by with no dash plate. By then I was buzy with my career and not active on the forum until the begining of this year. I emailed Shelby autos about the release of the CS6 Turn 1 dash plate that I have seen on these cars on this forum. After a long process of producing my documentation and a copy of my certificate of authenticity that this car was in the registry I was sent the Official Dash plate. I have yet to install the Official dash plate but I do have it. The Dash plate on the car is a replica of the GT500 dash plates but wears my Vin Number. I was undecided if I wanted to switch it to the official plate because the one on the car looks alot better. I will let the new owner decide. I will be taking a picture of it later tommorow or Friday once I get back home to her. (Currently Im at work). Helix. I am thinking I got the shelby Razor rim replacements recently from cjponyparts in PA. When I get home I will check the invoice to be sure. They do have the smaller rims. I think the smallest ever made was 18 inch though. The rims were manufactured by American Racing back in 2006. In fact the CS6 prototype was on their brochoure and rim poster that year. I also have that poster. Anyway. I will do a little digging. Hey make a deal with you. If you buy the CS6 from me I will throw in a set of the smaller razors for your stang as a bonus how does that sound. UK Pony The car is available worldwide so I will work something out with you on the shipping or split it with you if the bidding goes high enough. The closest port is Jacksonville Fl and the next closest is Miami Fl. If anyone elso on this forum is interested you can PM me here and I will give you my email. I will work a deal on shipping with anyone that is a member of this forum that wins the bidding. I would realy love to see the car go to someone that will give her a good home. I hate to sell it but It is time for something with Wings. Hence my username jrav8er (Jr.Aviator) I just hit 40 so I guess I need to change it to srav8er lol. Cheers gentlemen.

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Helix I was wrong it was Americanmuscle.com out of malvern PA. that has the shelby razors in multiple styles and sizes. Chrome or Gunmetal They have them in 18x10 for 94-04 stangs for $209 or 18x9 for 94-04 for 189.99. 18x10 for 05-2013 S197 GT and V6 for 209.00 and 18x9 05-13 GT and V6 for 189.99.

Here is the link. With a set of 4 they have FREE shipping thats right FREE shipping. I ordered them on a thursday and they were at my door in Fl on Monday thats fast.




UK Pony I got the dash plate pics taken. I will post them as soon as I figure out how. I will try on ebay first then here. Standby. A convertible man im jealous.


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Okay here is the pics. Man the more I look at my pics the more I keep saying Man what am I doing selling her...Sometimes I loose focus. I have to remindmyself. Okay Jim your selling her to get something with wings.. Darn I want both. I need some serious help. I know I will be sad to see her go but I wont even think about her cruising to the Keys at 9K feet in a Cirrus SR22.

. gallery_14201_1846_118752.jpggallery_14201_1846_10643.jpg

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