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Gear Change in SouthWest Florida

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Hi Guys,

Recently purchased my 2007 black SGT and have been reading old posts dating back from the beginning and found great amount of information rearding our cars. I have sent several messages out to members regarding their mods and received very quick answers to them.

I want to change gears in my car to 4.10 and I cant seem to locate a good place to take it to. I e-mailed my local Mustang Club here, but haven't heard back from them with a name of a business to use.

Has any one in the SouthWest Florida area ( I live in Venice) used a good mod place or Ford dealership that they trust?

Thanks to all that can help me out in this matter.


Mike in Florida

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Hey Mike, How far are you from Steeda (Pompano Beach)...? Might be worth the drive if you wanted to have some other mods done at the same time and get an EXPERT install job! I had the Steeda upper & lower control arms, Fays 2 Watts Link and the 13" rear brake upgrade all installed at the same time I had the 4:10 gears installed. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!! just saying....


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