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10 days without a single post in here?


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Terlingua 2012 is revving up, coming soon and will be awesome!


Time for good friends, B) fast cars :shift: and evening fun around the La Cuesta Fountain :tequila:


We will have some new Bunnies to Fear with us, and many "old" friends :hysterical:


Plus, it has rained allot this year and the country is green and alive and just beautiful with great drives awaiting.




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OK, I picked up the GO-BUNNY from the muffler shop today. It has been in about a week re-dueing the exhaust system again. I blew out the brand new Borla "Terlingua" muffler on the first trip to the track at Hallett last month. This is the second Borla that failed in exactly the same spot. Blew the top of the muffler off and cracked it in half. So, I replaced it with a Flowmaster of the same OD. The stainless is about twice as thick on the Flowmaster compared to the Borla. I also installed a flange before the muffler to run straight exhaust pipes from the free flow cats that dump straingt down so that the side pipes don't hit on the rumble strips. This now makes 5 exhaust systems. But, reasonably happy with the Flowmasters. Sound very close to the Borla and should hold up much better. Oh yea, the cats were also blown out. There is still some left, but they are not functioning as they should.

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