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Octane Boosters? Yay or Nay? Which brands?

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My 2011 Snake is heavily modified. I'm not even certain of half of the modifications that were done but it has 796 rwhp from the dyno. I feel a bit silly just rolling up to a shell and putting 91 octane in. That's the highest that's offered around these parts.


Should I stock up and keep octane boosters in the trunk. Are they just a gimmick?


If they are any good, are there any preferable brands I should look for?



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depends on what tune you have. If the timing is advanced for race fuel- then yes you need higher octane. if it was designed for pump gas then no. who is the tuner?


I have an 800HP tune (Jon Lund) that requires race gas- so i just make sure I fill with race gas when I use that tune. Fortunately race fuel is available at the race tracks I use. Otherwise I have a 750 (or so) HP tune that is pump gas tune.


Torco is a popular octane booster additive but you better ask someone else- i never use any octane booster.



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I have used the Torco additive in my snake with the 93 octane tune that I have. It works great and no pinging with that in the tank. I order a case from them online and put one bottle in per tank. We only have 91 octane gas where I live. Try it you will like it!

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