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Stripe question for those who've taken delivery of their 2013s


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The gap seems consistent, but the width of the stripe various on my car.


10 3/32 to 10 1/8 inches for the strip (as measured a couple of inches below the hood vent)


10 1/4 inches for the stripe about half-way up the hood.


1 1/2 inches for the space between the stripes.


Hope this helps - if you need this very precise may SVT could give you a print.

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That is possible but I wouldn't count on it. I've heard a couple stories of people here who ordered their Shelby without stripes, ended up changing their mind and getting them put on after the fact and the dealer ended up botching the install (slightly).


The stripes do however come on a single sheet with the distance between them already set if I recall. I didn't have the nerve to do both stripes at once, but I'm not a professional so maybe a dealership who has a guy who is can handle it that way. Only the long pieces are difficult I imagine (hood + roof), short pieces are pretty easy to install and the pieces are all pre-cut.

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