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2.8 LC Install, need help with Liquid Cooling lines...

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Hi All, I just installed a KB 2.8 LC in my 2011 GT500 and they didn't include the instructions on routing the cooler lines from the front of the SC to the intercooler lines. (Assuming that's where you would connect them.) Can someone post some pictures of how you have them routed? Would really appreciate the help guys. Thanks!



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No problem. I've got all the manuals laying around as I've been going through them getting ready to install the 3.6 kit in a couple weeks. Did you put yours in yourself? Anything in particular I should remember to do? I know they added a new bracket for the harness thats behind the blower along the firewall that if you don't remember to do at first you end up having to pull the blower back off to install it.

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Hi 2nd2none, I had help from a friend with much experience (luckily!).

He has a 2007 Shelby with what was the 2.8 Mammoth kit installed. This beast is putting out more than 700 hp with his tweaks and mods... We knocked my install out in about a day and a half. We had problems wiring in the BAP's, as the instructions suck! I'm getting error codes relating to the Throttle actuator system, and plan to visit Kenne Bell's shop next week... I don't think my tune is quite dialed in, so I'm hoping they will work with me to make this upgrade worth it... I see late boost being applied when rolling on the throttle, and it sometimes seems as if the engine bogs, or goes flat waiting for boost to hit... When it does finally hit, HANG ON! So that being said, I'm hopeful this is just a tweak away from being resolved. Good luck with your install, and thanks for posting those instructions! - George

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