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Suspension and Shelby Extreme vs AP F. Brake Kit

Ray Lucca

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I have an 09 Vert and I'm thinking about suspension and Brake up-grades. Feel like I have a good setup in mind for the suspension: H/R F/R Springs and F/R Sway Bars, Adj. Upper, and lower control arms, M.M C/C Plates, Tokico D Specs, already have the adj. panhard bar,might need relocation brackets, and brace.. As to Brakes:


Add the F/R Goodridge SS Brake lines, flush and change to a 5.1 Brake Fluid, or....

The Shelby F.kit is $ 3600 with a 4-6 week wait or

The Baer F. Kit is cheaper available from Lethal and is the same kit, without the Shelby name, or???

The AP kit is about $ 2600.00 from Stillen, and I've heard good things about it. Does anyone actually have it and have any comments???



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AP racing 6 piston on the front and they are a little better than stock. If I had to do it again I probably wouldn't have changed the fronts. It was not the big leap better that I thought it would be. For most of us brake ducts, two piece rotors and track pads would be sufficent. Look at full tilt boogie racing for rotors. Money saved here could be used for a K member, radiator support and a arms.

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