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2007 shelby GT value


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Below is what I found on another thread, just a smudge over 600.... If you look around in some of the other threads it has been posted that the GT is growing in value somewhat.... but it's still only worth just over half of it's original MSRP. If you bought it as an investment, ya better start enjoying it because it's gonna be a long time until they double in value.... :shift:


White (Auto): 491

White (Manual): 1,768

Total White: 2,259


Black (Auto): 508

Black (Manual): 2,865

Total Black: 3,373

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I have a 2007 shelby gt #2869...ive read that there is only 600 made and first one sold at auction for 500,000. Are these cars gonna go up in value any?



Actually it went for $600,000


But reality is it was THE FIRST one produced, and it was a auction in support of the CS foundation.. No one paid $600,000 for a GT Shelby number 2-600, they paid that much for a car whose proceeds went to the foundation AND to have the very first GT Shelby produced.


Best of luck if you sell yours, it's a sweet looking car no doubt.

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