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Are the LED's any brighter than the stock bulbs?

I'm not concerned with them matching my headlight color, but brighter may be better, assuming you don't get the lamp housings too hot... BTW- slightly yellowish light should be better to cut through fog; no?

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The 5000K or higher leds look extremely bright up close, but as mentioned earlier they do not throw usuable light very far, which makes them useless for head or fog light applications.

That being said, they do have applications that they are perfect for.

Personally I like the more blue/white look of the 5000K led bulbs, so I use them in my car map lights, trunk light and license plate light.

I also retro fitted them into my truck interior light, rear cap light and 3rd brake light, as well as on my boat running lights and trailer lights.

The leds are more vibration resistant than ordinary bulbs, and only use a fraction of the power, in some cases as little as 1/10th.

The low power drain is really handy if you are using your trunk or interior lights for extended periods of time with the vehicles not running.

I use a pair of old rechargable 7AH UPS (computer, sealed lead acid) batteries in parallel to power my led boat bow and stern lights.

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