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suspension mods for street driving


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Now after around 750 miles in this car I was wondering what could be done to fix certain things.


I've noticed with this car which surprisingly did not notice with older mustangs that over bumps even at low speeds, this car jumps left to right, back and forth. This could be because it has more power though i doubt it because with a big enough imperfection even at 20 mph this car is dancing essentially. I guess this is wheel hop? Or maybe this is just the inherent flaw of SRA? I have no clue. I've driven in an 01 mustang on the same roads and it never did this. Though that mustang was lowered, had subframe connectors, new shocks/struts etc....


I also didn't feel this when I test drove that 12 gt, though maybe thats because the ride on the stock gt is not as firm as a stock shelby even in normal mode.


So whatever this is I'm sure the other shelbys had it.


What suspension tweaks could be done to fix this without increase NVH or ride stiffness?

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