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So...I ask you...


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My logic is such:

2006 Shelby GT-H

2007 Shelby GT

2007 Shelby GT-H Convertible

2008 (?) Shelby GT Convertible???

Seems logical. The Shelby GT, by all accounts, is selling pretty well, once the confusion died down. Logic would dictate that a Shelby GT Convertible would not be far behind, right??? :hyper:

My best guess woud be that this could slated for 2008, if all goes well. What do you all think???

While I wish it would say "GT350" on the label, I think it would be the closest thing (in spirit) to the original GT350. I am a BIG fan of the GT350s.

Here's to hopin'!!!!!



Ooooh, yeah! I would definitely stick a blower on that thing! :headspin:

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