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Z-Man is famous!


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oh by the way that is for the 2013 AmericanMuscle Calendar Shoot. Should be a good calendar for 2013.


AM had Laguna Seca, Bullitt, Grey Gt500, Iccoca Mustang (owned by Cindy Iccoca) 2003 Cobra, a Blue 2004 Mach 1, Foose Mustang, a 94-98 Mustang in Chameleon Paint, a green Fox Body, not sure what came in on Friday for the shoot

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Well, I don't know if Z-man is famous, but it seems that my car is getting pretty well known.


After Carlisle, photos of it appeared on the Ford Racing Facebook page as well as the True Blue Racing page. I have been contacted for a couple different 'photographic opportunities', and the American Muscle calendar shoot was the first.


For more details of what actually went on, and some pictures, please check out the folowing post...





And much thanks to ShelbyEra08 for being the first to notice my 'fame' :hysterical3:



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