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Car cover?

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Covers rarely scratch your paint. Just use a California Duster to get the dust off before you put it on. And a cover will protect against worse things than a light scratch!


I have used this one for a while.

I got it from American Muscle for about $180 shipped.

"CoverCraft Deluxe Custom-Fit Mustang Car Cover". It's a Deluxe Block-it 380 Series.

It fits the convertible well, but I did have to buy a cable and lock from Amazon.

It isn't the most compact when I roll it up when removing it. I preferred my older one I had on my 2005 Mustang (which some sleaze stole) that was silver in color. It would role up into a compact little tube and even had its own bag. Very good for daily use. I haven't seen one of those anywhere for years. I preferred that one also because I could easily wash it in a machine. Washing a car cover on your car is crazy. You washit on a dirty car and it will get dirty. Wash it on a clean car and you gotta dry off your car... all over again!


The Covercraft doesn't have stretchy material along all the edges, so it does move around a bit and I find dust under it when I'm parked in my carport when we get the Santa Ana winds.


After I had it washed (by hand and then line dried) it started shedding all over my cloth roof! It's made of cotton, I think, and I need to use a lint roller on my roof after a few removals of the cover.



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