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20" SVTPP wheels on all four corners.


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My 2012 GT500 is equipped with the SVTPP. I took it to the track for the first time recently an ran approximately 30 laps on a 2.15 mile road course throughout the day. I would like to use slicks from here on out instead of trashing the G2s that it came with. I have an additional set of SVTPP wheels to use as a track set. My question is can I run the 20" SVTPP wheels on the front without running into any clearance issues and will it affect (in a negative way) the handling characteristics of the car. I don't want to upset the designed balance of the car. Any advise will be greatly appreciated. I have also considered running the 19's on all four corners as well. Finding slicks that are the same size as the G2's is proving to be very difficult.

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