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Stripe installation...who would you use?

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I am going to have my white side stripes on my '12 SS replaced due to some lettering issues. My question is this. Would you have a Ford dealer apply them per SA's suggestion, or would you use a quality body shop? I fear a messed up installation and I can't imagine much worse than a crooked side stripe or one with a wrinkle/bubble/tilted lettering. SA tells me no instructions are provided on how to apply them which is scary enough.

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First I would make sure you get someone who has extensive experience with striping. After that I wouldn't worry much about the install itself, but shop around. My Ford dealer has a guy who has done these before and I would feel comfortable taking it to them because they know what I would expect. Feel them out and make the decision based on who you are most comfortable with. Good luck!

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Applying decals is an acquired tallent. Find a vinyl decal shop in your town. That type of person applies decals every day. That is who I would go to.



Thats what I'm planning on doing. Theres a few shops around here that do vinyl wraps on cars as well as just stripes. I wouldn't trust a dealership anymore than Joe Schmoe at any body shop. Unless of course it happens to be one of the dealerships like Tasca that is an authorized Shelby mod shop.

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