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How far along are the first allocations?

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On another thread it was mentioned that Ford will be filling all first allocations before filling any other allocations for dealers. In other words, I'm 3 of 8 at my dealership, but I'll need to wait until all other dealer's first allocations are filled first before mine can be scheduled.


I talked to SVT this morning to check the status, and when I asked them they verified that this is indeed the case.


That being said, does anyone have any idea how far along things are as far as filling the #1 allocations for each dealer?

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This seems completely wrong to me. I am pretty sure some dealerships have already received their second (or more) cars. Yet there are some dealerships who STILL have not even placed an order for their first allocation. I am the first allocation at my dealer and it hasn't been picked up yet.


So I highly doubt what you say is true.

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